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Urb THCA Liquid Badder Disposable | Cotton Candy – 3g

Urb THCA Liquid Badder Disposable | Cotton Candy – 3g

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Urb Liquid Badder 3g disposables with Cotton Candy terpenes are a creamy blend of euphoric concentrates infused with Delta-8, THCA, THC-B and THC-P. These Urb disposables use the latest disposable technology with button operation that includes voltage control and a pre-heat function. You’ll get smooth hits without worrying about clogging! Urb’s Liquid Badder is a concentrate with a golden, smooth and creamy consistency, whipped to perfection with all natural live resin plant oils for the best possible flavor and effects. This Cotton Candy disposable is a well-balanced Hybrid strain with sweet floral notes and lavender. These liquid badder disposables will satisfy with a euphoric entourage effect and delicious flavor. Get some today, and elevate your day into new territory!

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