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Banana OG (Hybrid) Cutleaf THCA Prerolls 2ct

Banana OG (Hybrid) Cutleaf THCA Prerolls 2ct

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Elevate your smoking experience with the Cutleaf THCA Preroll. This preroll contains 2 grams of high-quality THCA, providing you with a potent and enjoyable smoking experience.


Product Info:


Product Name: Cutleaf THCA Preroll

Weight: 2 grams

The Cutleaf THCA Preroll is made from high-quality THCA, ensuring a pure and potent smoking experience. THCA is known for its potential therapeutic effects and can provide a unique and enjoyable smoking experience.


Each preroll contains 2 grams of THCA, giving you a generous amount for multiple smoking sessions. The convenient preroll format allows for easy and hassle-free smoking, making it perfect for both seasoned smokers and newcomers.

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