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Grape Frosty (Indica) 4g

Grape Frosty (Indica) 4g

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Clocking in at nearly 20% THCA, Grape Frosty is a tasty Indica that is perfect for unwinding after a long day. Grape Frosty THCA Flower’s delicious berry & fruity flavors serve up a generous helping of sweet relaxation that will have you licking your lips and relishing its soothing, sedative effects. A visually striking and aptly named strain, Grape Frosty buds feature beautiful green and purple hues coated in a dense layer of glistening trichomes.


This highly enjoyable flower is also great for anyone who tends to feel tense or anxious, as an awesomely chill vibe follows the juicy flavor. Qualified labs independently test each batch of our premium USA-grown Grape Frosty THCA Flower to verify its potency. Grape Frosty is fully compliant with the Farm Bill and delivers exactly what you would expect from a soothing Indica strain.

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